2019 Monthly Songs



1.Mental Roughness

2.どうしてますか (What Are You Doing Now)

2018 Monthly Songs



1.Back And Forth

2.ふたつのハートブレイク (Two Heartbreaks)

3.Good Luck

4.Transient Pleasures


6.Something's Wrong

7.It Is You (That Inspire Me)

8.アイスクリームの天ぷら 2018 (Ice Cream Tempra 2018)

9.ミス・カルキュレーション (Miss Calculation)

10.夕暮れの情景 (Imagined Scenery Of Sunset)

11.冬凪 (Fuyunagi)

12.This Christmas

2017 Monthly Songs



1.Winter Scene

2.Nuo Rituals

3.重ねた手 (Put My Hands Together Lonely) - Full Ver.

4.あの日のイエスタディ (Yesterday Of The Day)

5.Can You Feel Me?

6.夢のあとさき (Consequence Of Our Old Dreams)

7.ガラスの40代(仮) - Feeble Forties

8.そうめんとひやむぎ (Somen And Hiyamugi)

9.君がいない夏 (Summer, without you)

10.Still Dreaming (but you aren't)

11.秋の夜長に (In The Lengthening Nights Of Autumn)

12.恋するふたりの325km (325km of Our Long Distance Relationship)


2016 Monthly Songs




2.ディケイド (Decade)

3.希望というディストピア (Hopeful Dystopia)

4.ラフ (Rough)

5.Ordinary Days

6.A Song In June

7.Cheer You Up!


9.Last Call

10.これでいいのだ (Hey Hey It's OK!)

11.It's Not My Fault ~僕たちのせいじゃない~ (Original Flavor)

12.クリスマスの夜に (On Christmas Night)



2015 Monthly Songs



1.臆病者のラブソング (Coward's Love Song)

2.それでも明日はやってくる (Anyway, Tomorrow Will Come)


4.I'm only stalking you

5.がむしゃらエクササイズ (Frantically Exercise)

6.うそでもいいから (Even If A Lie)


8.恋の因数分解 (Factorization About Love)

9.抱きしめたい (I Wanna Hold You Tight)

10.花火 (HANABI)

11.きらいだよ (I Hate You)

12.One More Romance



2014 Monthly Songs



1.Opening Act

2.I miss you...

3.卒業 (Meaning Of Graduation)

4.この言葉にならない想いを君にとどけよう (Send You My Love More Than Can Say)

5.Small World

6.Forgotten Melodies

7.邂逅うぃる (We'll Meet Each Other)

8.Melancholy Summer

9.ママのハンバーグ (Mom's hamburger steak)

10.さよならのセレナーデ (Sayonarano Serenade)

11.星になったあなたへ (To My Departed Father)

12.彼女はきっと宇宙人 (She must be an alien)



2013 Monthly Songs



1.届かないラヴ・ソング 2013Ver. (Todokanai Love Song 2013Ver.)

2.Re: あなた (Re: Anata - Re: You) 

3.色あせる笑顔 (Iroaseru Egao)

4.いつもと同じ朝 (One Morinig As Usual)

5.Depression in May

6.Close To Me

7.ぼくだけに (Bokudakeni - Only For Me)

8.A Wrong And Winding Road

9.All My Dubbing

10.ワン・ノート・サンマ (One Note Sanma)

11.I Still Love You (You Loved Me)

12.Bittersweet Memories... II (Another Vocal Material Remake)


2012 Monthly Songs



1.キミを感じているから (Coz I'm Always Feeling Your Love)

2.いつものパターン (My Usual Pattern)

3.オールド・スクール・デイズ (School Days)

4.心配だよ (I'm Worrying)

5.Halfway To Your Love

6.Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

7.Fantastic Times

8.終わり行く夏に (To The End Of This Summer)

9.Good Luck (2012 Ver.)

10.It's Not My Fault ~僕たちのせいじゃない~ 2012 More Imitational Acoustic Ver.

11.I Wanna Feel You

12.アイマイナキミトボク (Aimainakimitoboku - Our Vague Relations)


2011 Monthly Songs



1.Happy New Year 2011

2.Valentine's Day

3.神様なんて信じない (I don't believe god)

4.Some Small Hope

5.Happy Birthday To Me

6.夢をあきらめても (Yume O Akirametemo - Even though we have given up our silly dreams)

7.ミエナイチカラ (Invisible Power)

8.真夏の夜 (Hot Summer Night)

9.September Kiss

10.(I'm) Lovin' You Madly

11.Talking To Myself - Japanese lyric ver.

12.Dear My Mother


2010 Monthly Songs



1.あなたの近くに (Close To You)

2.Don't Have To Worry About Me (遠慮しなくていいんだよ)

3.Such a lonely night (こんな寂しい夜)

4.Made To Order (オーダーメイド)

5.Indian Summer

6.Maybe Alone In This Christmas (今年もきっとシングル・ベル)